The Players in the Circus

The is the trans dimensional Circus of Scientific Curiosity,

The Circus of Scientific Curiosity

The Anchor Between Worlds

Sometimes it is easier to just accept that places like the circus exist instead of trying to rationalize its existence.

The portal to each of the infinite lands that our Circus travels to has a portal of its own.

The House of Opportunists

The First Voyage

Of the infinite adventures we could have selected, this is the one we went on first.

The Ringmaster

The Ringmaster

The Weaver of Reality

Who is the new Ringmaster, they usually fear the Lions this one rushes head first right into danger.

The Master of Ceremonies

The Master of Ceremonies

Grand Adventurer 

No one really knows who the Master of Ceremonies is or was, we just know that he is snarky, sarcastic, and sopisticated.

The Trick Rider

The Trick Rider

The Ringmasters Messenger

This joyful creature takes great pleasure in being the messenger of the Ringmaster, but even more joy when he causes pain and misfortune.

What will we think of next!

Coming Soon

The Whole Carnival Is Here

Check back after each episode to see if any information has changed for your favorite characters. Or any new people have joined.